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Rushmore Rose USA
1. We take “MADE IN AMERICA” very seriously 

Receive nothing but fine-quality flags that are spot on! 

From the embroidered stars, sewn stripes, thick yet lightweight nylon material, reinforced polyester header for tough strength, vibrant colors, layout, stitching & measurements, the craftsmanship of this well-made, durable & beautiful American flag is unparalleled.

100% Genuine American Flags
2. White glove customer service FOR YOU 

We stand by the quality of our flags.

In case you got issues with your purchase, or you’re not 100% satisfied with the premium workmanship of these superior, American quality flags, tell us & we’ll gladly help.

We’re always here to offer you a replacement or refund & make sure you’re always a happy customer!

3. ALL-WEATHER Flag that will always stand out

Whether you’re flying your flag under the Nevada heat or in windy Oklahoma, you’re confident that your old Glory will hold up in extreme weather or rough wind & give you your money’s worth, rain or shine.

Wherever you are in the US & whatever the season, this is your best bet on outdoor flags that won’t easily fray & will constantly wave gracefully in the wind! 

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4. Each purchase gives back to our veterans, soldiers & their families

We love our veterans & soldiers as much as you do.

And to honor them for our freedom & everything they have sacrificed for us, a portion of every Rushmore Rose USA product purchase you make goes to uplifting the lives of our veterans, soldiers & their families.

Take pride in your country & the nonprofit organizations that work diligently to help those who gave their all for us & our homeland.

5. Genuine, 100% American Flag for the love of our dear America

From sourced materials & highly skilled seamstresses, Rushmore Rose USA’s flags are proudly American-made from beginning to end in our great home soil.

We’re a proud member of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America (FMAA).

And every Rushmore Rose USA purchase you make lets you express your love & support to our beloved nation, our countrymen & our American textile industry! 

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"This is really beautiful. Good quality, beautiful flag with vibrant colors"

At Rushmore Rose USA, you’re confident that we stand by what it means to be Made in America.

Serious patriotic Americans like you deserve nothing but heavy-duty, fine-quality & attractive flags you’re confident to fly. 

Whether it be under the Nevada heat or windy Oklahoma, your old Glory is made to stand any season & weather, rain or shine. 

Made with embroidered stars, double-sewn stripes, vivid & sharp colors, sturdy brass grommets, premium, American-sourced, 100% Nylon fabric, quadruple stitched hems & unbelievably lightweight design, our flags are the perfect symbol to express you’re American proud!

"I love this company & I love this product"

Experience exceptional, respectable customer service & strong, well-crafted flags that will last for years, fray & tatter-free.

We value you here. 
And we stand by the quality of our FMAA-certified, durable flags. 

Happily hang your flags 24/7 over your ranch, porch, garden, or office because you got our back. 

Got issues, or need a replacement or refund? We’re just one email away. 

Our responsive team is here to help you with any concern you might have with your great quality American flags that are proudly made by American seamstresses.

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