All the materials used in the production of our flags are sourced & produced in the USA. 

Rushmore Rose USA flags are 100% made in the USA by highly skilled American seamstresses & we are certified by the Flag Manufacturers of America (FMAA).

To give you durable flags that are sure to last for years, Rushmore Rose USA flags are made of polyester & nylon material. These are proven to be lightweight & tough enough to withstand harsh outdoor elements.

There’s always a flag to express your pride. 

Our available sizes include:

2’ x 3’
2.5’ x 4’
3’ x 5’
4’ x 6’
5’ x 8’
6’ x 10’

Yup! The stars are embroidered to make it more long-lasting & sophisticated. You’ll love the 3D effect that brings out the intricate design & makes the stars pop!

Fly your flags under the Nevada heat or the Florida winds! 

Wherever you are in the US, Rushmore Rose USA flags can stand well in winds from 20- 45 mph. Rain or shine, sunny or snowy, you can confidently fly our flags 24/7!

All our flags exceed the federal standard of 90 days use from sunrise to sunset.

However, your flag is sure to last longer if you take them out of bad weather. As you know, a wet flag is heavier than a dry one & this might add undue strain to your flag's fabric.

Longevity depends on a variety of factors. This can include the weather & your level of care. 

As this is still a piece of fabric, we can’t guarantee that the outdoor elements will not damage your flag.

However, here at Rushmore Rose USA, you get nothing but the best quality flags sold in the US. Make sure to look after your flag, especially when weather conditions are harsh, to ensure that it will always look its best through the years!

1: Attach the hooks to the grommets of your flag. Make sure the top spinner’s lip is facing toward the top & the bottom spinner’s lip is facing toward the bottom.

2: Insert the pole through the spinners, beginning with the top spinner.

3: Use the screws to put the spinners in place. Start with the top spinner.

4: Make sure the top spinner is slightly lower than the finial so it can spin freely.

5: Pull the grommet tight & secure the spinner’s bottom. Make sure it is in place.

6: Line up the screws of the two spinners for a neat finish.


Other than American flags, we also make US Marine Corps, POW-MIA & Texas flags.

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Clean your flags by washing them in cool water with mild soap or laundry detergent.  

After rinsing, let the flag air dry by hanging it on a clothesline or drying rack.

Yes! Our flags are made of sturdy nylon. 

You can put them on your cars but ensure you’re not using them when driving at a speed faster than 50 mph. We can’t guarantee that your flags & the grommets will hold up well in a fast-driving car. 

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