What Does FMAA Certification Mean?

At Rushmore Rose USA, we are very proud that our American flags are FMAA certified.

FMAA stands for Flag Manufacturers Association of America. The FMAA was established in 2003 with the intent to bring America’s leading United States flag manufacturers and suppliers together in collaboration and conversation.

Many of the American flags on the market are either explicitly made in China, or claim to be “Made in the USA.” However, if they are not FMAA Certified, there is no guarantee that the flag was made in the USA!

What does FMAA certification mean?

According to the FMAA website:

“The FMAA’s “Certified Made in the USA” seal on an American flag certifies that every step of the manufacturing process for that flag has been completed using domestic materials in US facilities with US labor. When you purchase a flag with the FMAA Certified seal, you can be confident that your flag was not imported from another country.

United States law requires that every flag be labeled with the country of origin. FMAA Certified flags will have “Made in the USA” on the packaging and/or a sewn-in label with that wording. The FMAA monitors and requires re-certification from its member manufacturers every year.

Only US flags bearing the FMAA Certified seal are guaranteed to adhere to the standards and continued compliance monitored by a professional association and its domestic members. When buying an American flag, whether in-store or through an online marketplace, be sure to look for the FMAA certification seal to be sure it is truly an American made flag.”

When you order an American flag from Rushmore Rose USA, you’ll see a “Made in the USA / FMAA Certified” label sewn onto the flag. Know that we take great pride in having that tag on our flags. It is of utmost importance to us to provide high-quality flags that are made on home soil by local employees!