Protect your American Flag! Here are 5 things you must avoid doing with it

Protect your American Flag!  Here are 5 things you must avoid doing with it

In the US, it is essential to respect the American flag and what it symbolizes - the country's history and freedom. According to the US Flag Code, there are specific rules and guidelines for proper respect and handling of the flag to ensure that it is treated with dignity and not disrespected. This article will cover five things you should never do with the American flag.

  1.  Don't fly the flag upside down – it's a sign of distress and should only be done in emergencies like extreme weather conditions. If you accidentally fly the American flag upside down, make sure to fix it right away. 
  2. Don't fly any flags above the American flag; it should always be the highest to show respect for the US and its flag. 
  3. Don't leave the flag out in bad weather - take it down if it's raining, snowing, or there are high winds. That way, you make sure it stays in good condition.
  4. Don't let the flag hit the floor! Showing respect for the flag and the US means it should never touch the ground. If it does, it should be taken care of properly. 
  5. Don't wear the flag — it's disrespectful. No matter what, don't use it as clothing or for decoration.



The American flag is a source of pride for the US, so it's crucial to ensure that we treat it with respect. 

Make sure to remember these 5 key things:


  • Fly it upside down.
  • Fly other flags above it.
  • Leave it out in bad weather.
  • Let it touch the ground.
  • Wear it as clothing.

Showing respect for the flag and our nation is essential, so be sure to follow these rules.